Holistic Sustainable Development Network (HSDN) International is federally registered nonprofit in Canada

Balanced eco-system; Balanced health; Balanced wealth

Today, sustainability in environmental, economic and social affairs may be as far away as it has ever been. That being said, the HSDN strongly believes that everyone has the power to improve lives by making changes at a grassroots level. The goal of the HSDN is to provide a platform to learn about the relationships between human action and environmental and social impacts. Here at the HSDN, we see our environments, economies and societies as indivisible parts of a whole. Every aspect of our world is both interrelated and dependent upon the others. In order to improve the sustainability of our practices, we must think critically about our actions as individuals, communities, and societies. We at the HSDN believe that sustainability and stronger support for policies and practices that have a positive impact on the quality of every human life are not only beneficial; they are necessary to the future of humanity as a whole.

What is in a name? For the HSDN, our name is our goal; to create a practical model for worldwide holistic sustainable development. In doing so, we are striving to reconcile economic growth with environmental interests and the protection of unique societal practices, cultures, and traditions. We invite you to join us as a participant, a teacher, a student, and a voice in this movement toward holistic sustainable development. Are you up to the challenge?