Slogan: Live Simply, Live Lively

Vision: To attain sustainable development goals through collaborative movement

Mission: Our mission is to promote socio-cultural, economic and environmental well-being for all through knowledge mobilization, collaboration, network building, and facilitation amongst like-minded organizations and individuals; from the grassroots to global level.


  1. Complementary regard for human and non-human (environmental) subjects
  2. Engender inclusion and community with all HSDN stakeholders


Our main goals are knowledge mobilization and social work. We adopt the goals of the United Nations Post-2015 Development Agenda. Specifics are as follows: To create consensus of “Live Simply but Lively”.

  1. Reduce poverty to the barest minimum
  2. Empower girls and women, and emphasize gender equality
  3. Provide quality education and lifelong learning
  4. Advocate and promote healthy lifestyle
  5. Promote food security and good nutrition
  6. Achieve universal access to water and sanitation
  7. Secure sustainable energy
  8. Create jobs, sustainable livelihoods and equitable growth
  9. Manage natural resource assets sustainably
  10. Ensure good governance and effective institutions
  11. Ensure stable and peaceful societies
  12. Create a global enabling environment and catalyze long-term finance


  1. To generate ideas through expanding linkages and research projects
  2. Identifying the projects related to the organization’s goals
  3. Accumulating efforts to make projects successful within jurisdictions
  4. Communicating activities of the organization and giving feedback to stakeholders
  5. Expanding network and cooperation worldwide to secure greater success in worldwide holistic sustainable development
  6. Support for class neutral development of policies