Community Sustainability Global

HSDN International and Human Dignity Foundation partnered on a project called “Community Sustainability Global (CSG)”. Under the CSG project, we bring together organizations (especially social enterprises, NGOs and governments) and individuals (mostly experts) to combine efforts in a complementary way to pursue sustainability ends.

Launched in January 2019, the idea behind the CSG project comes from the themes driving the two organizations that started it. Combining the “holistic” approach of the Holistic Sustainable Development Network International and the “dignity” focus of the Human Dignity Foundation, the project deals with sustainability holistically without undermining the dignity of people. In practice, this idea implies that sustainability means different things at different places: our approach in poor communities in Africa is different from our approach in rich communities in North America; and conversely, how we approach rich communities in Africa is different from how we approach poor communities in North America. We are currently implementing the project in Nigeria and Canada, but there are plans to expand to other countries. More information can be found here: