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Banjo Edu and Jannatul Islam, Graduate Candidate, Environmental Policy Institute, MUN

On the path to sustainable communities: looking through the eye of the WWHSDC

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Gabriela Sabau, Associate Professor, Memorial University and

Chief Editor, JWHSD

Synergies across borders for sustainable development of our communities

Theme Presenter

Dr. Kelly Vodden, Associate Professor and Head, Division of Social Science, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University

Collaboration for Sustainable Communities

Special Guest Presentation

Daniel G. Pottle Minister of Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology, Nunatsiavut Government

Nunatsiavut Government

‘SakKijânginnatuk Nunalik’: Healthy Homes in Thriving Nunatsiavut Communities

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Sam Elliot, Executive Director, SABRI

SABRI – Part of our Future Part of our Region


Simon Jansen, Chair of the Western Environment Centre

Environmental sustainability at the community level


Mr. Ian Stone Marketing Manager, Gros Morne Cooperating Association

Building Regional Partnerships to Develop Local Economies – Gros Morne Cooperating Association


Sara Langer, Chair, Environmental Affairs Committee, GCSU and Conor Curtis, Graduate Candidate, MA in Environmental Policy, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University

Student-led sustainability at Grenfell Campus


Dr. Mumtaz Cheema, Associate Professor, BERI, MUN


Sustainability of silage corn production system: The opportunities and necessities in west Newfoundland and Labrador


Ayoola Odeyami, Graduate Candidate, EPI

Examining hydraulic fracturing in green point shale formation through the lens of structured decision making


Nick Mercer, Graduate Candidate, EPI


Renewable Energy as a Tool for Community Sustainability: Barriers to Wind Energy Development in Newfoundland and Labrador


St. Sean George, Navigate Entrepreneur Centre

Sustainability as part Business Planning and Development


Ken Carter, Director, Grenfell Campus Engagement Office

Collaborating to solve complex problems