HSDN International Observed International Environmental Day: A public Consultation on Rampal Power Plant near Sundarban, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bangladesh


World Environment day is an annual event that is meant to encourage worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. In honor of World Environment Day 2017, BCS in collaboration with HSDN International hosted a public consultation on the implications of the Rampal Power Plant near Sundarban, a UNESCO world heritage site in Bangladesh. On 14 June, 2017, the event was opened by the welcome address of Mr. Jannatul Islam, founder and executive director of HSDN International in Mizan Auditorium in Danforth, Toronto, Canada. The event was divided in two part. In the first part, the keynote speaker, Professor Anu Mohammad, who is the Member Secretary of The National Committee to Protect oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports in Bangladesh has presented the impacts of Rampal Power Plant on UNESCO heritage Sundarban and relates it with the world environmental issues.


In the second part, has been allocated for discussions and public opinion where Nurul Masood Jamil was key discussant from Canadian environmentalist.  There were 69 participants attended the event from communities, environmentalist, academia, politicians and youths and showed their solidarity with “Save Sundarban movement” because: “There are many alternatives for power generation, but there is no alternative for Sundarban”.


Dr. Nasima Akter, BCS executive director and chair of HSDN International concluded the event as a chair with the announcement to show solidarity with save the Sundarban movement as follows:

  1. HSDN and BCS will organise a rally ASAP and sign a petition which will be submitted to decision makers and international environmental bodies. We urge all of your support.
    2. Teresa A Gomes, BCS youth Board of director and UofT student will initiate some kind of movement and/or mobilisation engaging student associations from different universities here.
    3. We will organise small and bigger seminar, discussion and consultation sessions involving local and international experts, university teachers, like minded international community to reach the wider audiences and raise our voice to SAVE SUNDARBAN.