HSDN International’s Bangla School Program in Canada

HSDN International’s Bangla School Program in Canada

HSDN International collaborating with TBPAC has been running a Bangla school on every Sunday from 11am to 2pm at Oakridge School in Toronto since March 2017. The main aim of the school is to teach Bangla language and promote Bangladeshi tradition in Canada. This program also helps in children’s homework. This program been appreciated by the community for it’s contribution for the second and third generation of Bangladeshi kids to teach them how to speak and write in Bangla including introducing them with Bangladeshi cultures and heritage. The program also designed to have workshops and seminars on better neighborhood, arts, parental challenges, mental health etc. The pictures below are from an Arts (drawing) workshop volunteered by two volunteer artists Sabrina and Myles.


Besides Bangla language and drawing, Bangla School volunteers are always trying to organize innovative programs to motivate parents and children to this initiative. Indoor-outdoor games/activities and various community events are the part of Bangla School activities that are upholding Bangladeshi culture and heritage.


As a part of the outdoor program, Bangla School organized a “Summer Campaign and Children Activities” on July 22, 2016 where 80 children and parents attended the event.

 The Bangla School program is completely dependent on volunteers as the whole activities are free of cost. HSDN International hopes more supports from Bengali communities for the continuous development of Bangla school program to enhance our culture and heritage and spread it to the second and third generation born in Canada.