Recently HSDN has organized a seminar titled Sustainable Development: Students’ Roles towards the Society at the Lyceum of the Philippines University- Laguna (LPU-L) on October 12, 2016. The seminar was organized jointly under the banner of College of Business and Accountancy of LPU-L and the Holistic Sustainable Development Network (HSDN). In the seminar Dr. Francis K. Ashipaoloye, the Dean of Graduate School, LPU Laguna was the keynote speaker while Dr. Felipe Jr. Balingit, Dean, CBA, LPU-Laguna was the chief guest. The keynote speaker discussed various issues regarding sustainable development and students’ roles for achieving the sustainable goals of UN. Dr. Francis also addressed that economics and economical activities are also related to the sustainable development issues. In the opening remarks Mr. Md. Rayhanul Islam, Vice President, HSDN in Bangladesh operation mentioned the purpose of establishing HSDN and its current activities.  The seminar was attended by some professors of the College of Business and Accountancy, LPU-Laguna and a good number of students of the BSBA program of LPU-Laguna. It is to be mentioned that currently Mr. Md. Rayhanul Islam, Vice president, HSDN in Bangladesh operation has been teaching as a visiting professor at LPU- Laguna.




Jannatul Islam

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