Conducted by Rana Sadick Hossain (20 September 2020)

Resume Writing

  1. Remember what a ‘Sweet Spot’ is on a resume. Also called ‘Above the fold’.
  2. Look for keywords in the job postings and include them in the sweet spot of your resume. This is the career

In Experience section:

  1. Include numbers, percentages not just duties
  2. Use active language
  3. List most recent and relevant experience first. Keep it reverse chronological

No more than 6/7 bullet points for each job

  1. List most recent and relevant education degrees. Don’t put dates of graduation. Keep it reverse chronological
  2. List skills, awards, and interests only if
  3. Delete “References Available Upon Request”
  4. Choose appropriate margins, font (Arial, Times New Roman. Size 12). Make it simple and easy to
  5. Proofread, proofread, and proofread. Give it to friends and relatives to
  6. Save it as a PDF
  7. Name Your file smartly, your name+resume


Applying for Jobs

  1.  Most important- prepare unique resume for each job application
  2.  Constantly refresh your main resume every 3

Job Searching

  1. Build network
  2. Build a strong Linkedin profile. Actively engage in communication with other members
  3. Prepare an ‘Elevator Pitch’. 30
  4. Get a mentor. Job shadow. Internship
  5. Volunteer yourself. Freelance
  6. Attend job fests
  7. Stay focused
  8. Get a lot of sleep while seeking job!
  9. Always dress professionally
  10. Develop a reading habit. Read word by
  11. Surround yourself with ambitious, energetic people. Beware of negative

Websites for job searching

  1. Robert Half
  2. CareerBuilder
  3. Indeed
  4. Eluta
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Glassdoor
  7. Monster
  8. Simply Hired
  9. Kijiji
  10. Google for Jobs



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