Sustainability Review Magazine

Introduction of the Magazine

We are aiming to attain sustainable development goals through collaborative movement. We believe, getting people to really see where holistic sustainable development can fit into their lives or policies is the first step to achieving a more sustainable world.

The world is careening out of control, with technology improving by leaps and bounds, each new advancement leading to a myriad of unforeseen consequences. At the same time, the world is shrinking, with borders blurred by international treaties, international economic agreements, and multinational corporations, wielding more power and having more money. With all the craziness going on around us, it is easy to feel small and out of place. It is easy to feel like we cannot have a say in the affairs around us, to get intimidated by all the large-scale happenings and to have our opinions and ideas trapped inside us.

Today we bring you good news:

The Holistic Sustainable Development Network (HSDN) is presenting you with a platform to share your views and opinions to the world, through its publications. You can share your insights and read the views and opinions of people from around the world, educating yourself and others in the process. It will give you the opportunity you always wanted – to influence the world around you and not merely be a passive observer.

 A half yearly magazine will feature news segments, where interesting developments around the world will be reported and will present an avenue for you to share your opinions on these happenings and gauge reactions to your opinions.

Literary pieces in the form of pictures, videos, and stories will be accepted based on the set standards of HSDN, all within the context of the development around us giving your work a large audience to appreciate your pieces and photos. 

Competitions will be organized at regular intervals, ranging from photo entries on selected topics, to stories, essays and even jokes. There will be many avenues to showcase all your many talents. Write to our magazine now and unleash a world of unimaginable intellectual possibilities!

Sustainability Review Magazine (Bilingual:  Bangla and English )

Objectives of the Magazine:


  1. Features exemplary stories, interviews, facts, practices etc.  
  2. Publishes write ups, presentations, articles on sustainability issues related but not limited to social, economic, and environmental development
  3. Explores/identifies the industrial and other sectors’ practices related to sustainability
  4. Acknowledges people or practices related to sustainability


  1. To create membership with institutions for consulting and training for sustainability following set criteria
  2. Certification of institutions maintaining indicators of sustainability as per local/international standards; this will not only motivate the parties for maintaining indicators but also boost their status.


By HSDN International and its Bangladesh Chapter

                Team structure:

Chief Editor: Will be responsible to maintain the standard and content that will go with our mandate of the magazine.

 Managing Editor: Will be corresponding and doing the secretarial job of the magazine

Associate Managing Editor: Assisting and sharing the tasks of managing editor and any others assign by the chief editor.

Bangla- will be responsible of Bangla version of the magazine.

English- will be responsible of English version of the magazine.

Graphics and Formatting editor: Someone skilled in graphics and formatting.

Member of the Editorial Board: Who will help to collect, organize, editing and sourcing the related news and do the other tasks assigned by the chief editor. Number will be decided by the team on prior discussion and approval of chief editor.

Frequency: Possibly six monthlies

Launching time: will be decided by the team.

By What Means:

Manpower: The mother organization Holistic Sustainable Development Network (HSDN) International is a volunteer supported organization registered as non-profit in Canada. As a result, the team of the magazine is expected to be voluntary basis unless and until we find enough sources of remuneration or honorarium.

Finance: Primarily HSDN International will be primary sources to provide logistic supports and the organizational team members will try to source the finance from their friends and family. Secondly, we will try to find the funder, sponsor, donation, and advertisement to finance the cost of printing the magazine and launching the issues. But we must be careful about selecting the advertisement as we are mandated for sustainable development, so we do not want to promote any business that are directly against our mandate.

Content of the Magazine

The content of the magazine will be decided and modified by the team of the editorial body based on situation and best impact but as mentioned below, there are few items may need to be there in every issue.

  1. Editorial
  2. Sub-editorial
  3. Feature story or interview on individuals on his/her work that have impacts on sustainability or/and social justice
  4. Feature story on organization’s or group work or activities and practices that have impacts on sustainability or/and social justice
  5. Positive news with views in the country or in overseas that directly or indirectly related to sustainable development
  6. Covering all the sustainability related organized seminar/conference/workshops with theme, output and impacts.
  7. Reviews, and critics on governmental policies that impacts sustainability
  8. Individual(s) or organizational(s) innovations/ideas to enhance or facilitate sustainability
  9. Covering HSDN’s activities with views
  10. Covering HSDN (specific location..) activities that is a chapter body of HSDN International for anywhere in the world created by interested people following HSDN International’s format and policy.

Outreaching of the Magazine

  • The magazine will be outreached through different ways as the team decides. However, the following initiatives may be considered:
  • Launching the issue with recognition to the people or institutions maintaining sustainability indicators
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Distributing printed version to the recognized libraries