Letter of invitation to join HSDN (Holistic Sustainable Development Network), Bangladesh Chapter


Dear Sustainable Development Stakeholders,

Greetings from HSDN International, a Canadian non-profit, working towards holistic sustainable development through networking. After several years of operational experiences in Canada, HSDN International is now moving forward for branching in different countries and creating local level associations, believing that everyone has a share in sustainability, and we can bring changes together. Our branching in Bangladesh is an effort to expand our domain to reach institutes and individuals with inspiration, encouragement, and support to attain our common goals of creating more kind and prosperous life on earth.

HSDN focuses on environmental and socio-cultural sustainability but not limited to that. HSDN, the name talks about our goal: to create a practical model for worldwide holistic sustainable development. In doing so, we are striving to reconcile economic growth with environmental interests and the protection of unique societal practices, cultures, and traditions.

Today, sustainability in environmental, economic, and social affairs may be as far away as it has never been. HSDN strongly believes that everyone has the power to improve lives by making changes at a grassroots level. Our purpose is to provide a platform to learn about the relationships between human action and environmental and social impacts. Here at the HSDN, we see our environments, economies, and societies as indivisible parts of a whole. Every aspect of our world is both interrelated and interdependent. To improve sustainability of our practices, we must think critically about our actions as individuals, communities, and societies. HSDN team believes that stronger support for policies and practices towards sustainable positive impact on the quality of every human life are not only beneficial, but they are essential to the future existence of humanity. (You can find more information in our website: http://www.hsdni.org)

HSDN Bangladesh Chapter activities will include publishing Sustainability Review Magazine to promote and recognize sustainable activities, Creating club in communities to engage them in sustainability activities and emergency voluntary responses, Establishing model communities and any other activities that may serve the mother organizational vision, mission, values and objectives to create a better society.

We invite you to join us as an association, a participant of HSDN activities , a teacher, a student, and or an individual voice in this movement toward a more equitable and holistic sustainable society.


Are you to up to the challenge? If so connect with us-

HSDN Bangladesh

Address and contact:

7/A, 86, Road-23, Block-A

Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh

Website: www.hsdni.org

Email: hsdnbangaldesh@gmail.com Tel. +8801909048578

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Rokhsana Reza


Country Coordinator

HSDN Bangladesh Chapter

Member, Board of Directors, HSDN International

2996 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4C 1 M7, Canada.

Website: www.hsdni.org, Tel. +1-437-345-6722

Email: hsdnbangaldesh@gmail.com