September 2015

The WWHSDC is going to have a poster presentation in the conference “The Future of Nature”. To see the poster click here


MAY 2015

Members of the WWHSDC will be participating in Transportation in Life, Work and Play: The Movement of People To, From and Within Atlantic Canada. This conference centres around four main themes: Economic and Policy Aspects of Transportation, Atlantic Canada in the Global Economy, Transportation for Life, Work and Play, Social and Equity Aspects of Transportation.

The goal of the conference is to understand how access to transportation and lack thereof,  impacts the lives of persons living in Eastern Canada. Transportation is a key component in the lives of humans the world over. This conference provides a unique opportunity to explore potential improvements in transportation networks as well as means of subsisting in urban areas that lack transportation systems.

This forum will be taking place May 19th and 20th,  2015 in St.John’s, NL.

APRIL 2015

Members of the WWHSDC will be participating in Weaving Networks for a Collaborative and Sustainable Future in Western Newfoundland. This public forum is designed to explore collaborative networking in rural regions, focused specifically on the Boreal region of Eastern Canada. Collaborative networking is a key component of the WWHSDC; as such, this experience will provide insight into best practices in the field and allow WWHSDC to contribute to the regional conversation.

This forum will be taking place Monday, April 20th, 2015 in Norris Point, NL.